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Best In Spain is born out of my passion for travel, my ability to navigate the cultural landscape, and my desire to share unforgettable experiences of Spain with other travelers.  I created this company so that you can experience the most authentic and wonderful locations it has taken me years to discover, whether you’re on a weekend break, two-week vacation, or six month business secondment.

Ron Otto

Founder, Best in Spain

I first caught the travel bug at the age of six when my father took my sisters and I sailing in the Caribbean.  Traveling on a small sailboat took us off the beaten path and I remember feeling as if we had discovered deserted islands and uninhabited beaches. Ever since then I always felt a strong curiosity about how the locals lived and what existed beyond the pages of vacation brochures.

Back in America, as a local boy growing up in the countryside of Michigan, I knew all about the special spots; I knew where you could catch a glimpse of a magnificent elk, which bluff had the best view of the sunset, or which stretch of beach you could have all to yourself. When I traveled I couldn’t help but wonder where were those same secret places would be in the places I visited and who knew how to find them.

My passion to find the best kept secrets and understand the local culture continued to drive me to truly get to know the places I visit.  As a college student, I traveled the world, backpacking around Europe and spending a year studying on a ship stopping at ports like Caracas, Salvador, Mombasa, Madras, and Kobe. But then it was time to get to work, and exploration gave way to a focus on planning and execution. I started looking after the needs of other travelers who needed to perform at their best whilst away from home…but I also realized that just because they were away on business travel didn’t mean they wanted to sacrifice the joy of discovery that traveling brings. Over the years my business travel experiences evolved from traveling practically in freight class as the office grunt to commuting supersonic on the Concorde supporting Donatella Versace as her executive assistant.  My five years at Versace gave me the opportunity to perfect my luxury service skills and learn in an extremely high-profile environment under the most demanding conditions. Having looked after personalities like Versace, Madonna, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, and Elton John, I truly understand the value of time and the importance of attention to detail.

After all of these amazing experiences it was time for me to begin my next adventure and so I moved to Madrid. Upon arriving in Spain I thought it would be easy to settle in; I assumed it was like any other country I had been to.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. Spain was not exactly what it appeared to be and the cultural differences ran much deeper than I could have anticipated. Spain is filled with interesting contradictions. The ability of this country to never cease to surprise me is probably one of the things I love the most. It’s a mix of simple pleasures and mysterious adventure. There always seems to be another secret to uncover or a new oddity to understand.

I have had the privilege to live in many cities like New York, London, and Milan. Living in Madrid for eleven years now I can safely say I’m a big fan of Spain; I no longer live like a local, I am a local and this is my home. As a local who knows the secret delights  (but also the surface frustrations) of this wonderful country, I am able to smooth the rough edges and take you straight to these hidden delights. My travel planner Spain services will help you organize and experience a trip of a lifetime.

Thank you,


Ron Otto