Top Things to do in Madrid for Christmas

Madrid has come a long way in ten years, and this year is no exception. In addition to all the monuments, museums, and activities in Madrid, the city is packed with great things to do whether with or without kids. I have never seen so many different activities on offer in Madrid. Here are my top things to do and see in Madrid for Christmas 2014.

Christmas in Madrid

Holidays in Spain 2015

Here are upcoming holidays in Spain for 2015. The BOE, official state bulletin in Spain has published the eight national public holidays in Spain for 2015. These holidays are celebrated nationally so you can count on offices and many businesses being closed.

Events In December 2014

Upcoming Events in December all across Spain CANARY ISLANDS OLYMPIC SAILING WEEK From Dec 4, 2014 to Dec 8, 2014 Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria The waters of Gran Canaria host a week of exciting regattas, featuring Olympic sailors of various nationalities. The island of Gran Canaria will receive sailors from all over…

Bullfight Best In Spain

The Bullfighting Debate For and Against

Spain is a country proud of its traditions – but there is one long-held tradition that has been dividing people for hundreds of years. Bullfighting. Its supporters argue it’s a noble cultural art form, while its detractors say it’s a cruel, outdated bloodsport. To help you make up your own mind on bullfighting, we present some common arguments on both sides of the debate.

Spain vs Europe

The picture-postcard image of Spain may be blue skies and golden sands – but this incredible country has so much more to offer. In fact, we think it’s one of the best destinations in Europe. So we’ve pitted the country against its distinguished neighbors, to see if it can hold its own in everything from fine wines to fun fiestas…

Best Terraces In Madrid

Just a few years ago there were not too many roof top terraces in Madrid. But now, due to an easing of regulations and simplification of application process Madrid has dozens of rood top terraces all across the city. Many are a top hotels which is no surprise but my top five are independent of any hotel and each offers its own special view over the city. Here I lay out a list of the best terraces in Madrid from my favorites to ones you may hear about that I personally can not recommend.

In Madrid Cooking with the Stars

Learning how to cook like a Michelin chef is the dream of many foodies. The food boom is Spain has given rise to dozens and dozens of cooking schools all across Spain and Madrid is no different. Although there are several excellent places to learn the tricks of the trade I know of only one place this spring that has a line up culinary professors like no other, The Kitchen Club Madrid.

On The Train

Fast Train Slow Travel

Slowing down and taking the train is only relative in Spain. The train is Spain can be faster than the plane reaching speeds of 300km per hour, but it actually gives you the perfect opportunity to appreciate the journey and watch the world go by.

A Quick Guide To Tapas

One of the great pleasures of traveling in Spain lies in sampling the myriad flavors of Spanish tapas. Not only do these small snacks provide a delicious culinary experience; they also offer a taste of the rich history and cultural diversity of Spain. Here’s a quick guide to tasty tapas…

The Beautiful Courtyards of Cordoba

Its time again for courtyards of Cordoba, every year residents of the city of Cordoba open up their inner courtyards to the public for viewing.  Many enter a competition with winners in various categories.  If you find yourself near Cordoba its an even not to miss!   Tourism of Cordoba – The CourtyardsTHE COURTYARDS FESTIVAL…

Flamenco Lesson in Madrid

Flamenco Classes In Madrid for beginners It is amazing to see the before and after effect on people having taken this class. More than learning how to dance flamenco, it is about feeling flamenco as you learn the basic movements essential to dance; the posture, the feet, the arms, hands and head. It is our…

The Gourmet Shop Tasting Tour in Madrid

The Gourmet Shop Tasting Tour in Madrid

Don´t miss the tasting tour in Madrid savoring the best gourmet shop the city offers. Are you ready? A gourmet experience of Iberian ham, olive oil, cheese and chocolate and a visit through a charming central neighbourhood.  A truly interactive visit for foodies to three of our favourite gourmet shops. What makes the Iberian ham…

Spanish Wine Tasting

  The classics and the lesser-known heroes of Spanish wine This introduction to Spanish wine with our sommelier in a delightful local wine delicatessen in the centre of Madrid takes you through the classics and the lesser known emerging stars of Spanish wine, looking at the regions, the Spanish qualification system, label-reading and the tasting…

Botin Restaurant in Madrid

The Botin Restaurant Experience Madrid

A personal and behind-the-scenes visit with lunch at Botin Restaurant, the world’s oldest restaurant founded in 1725 and listed in the Guinness  Book of Records. The Restaurant Botin Experience; a guided tour of the restaurant, its history, its art and its anecdotes. Following the tour, we will serve you a variety of dishes, The Classics…

Gourmet Madrid Tapas Tour

If you are wishing to spend a different day don´t miss the Gourmet Madrid Tapas Tour, an experience with five senses. Albariño with padrón peppers, Ribero de Duero with Jamón de bellota” from Salamanca, “bienmesabe” fish with Rioja …the possibilities are endless. Our gourmet tapas tours in Madrid will take you on a delightful cultural…

Marbella Dreaming

Once is never enough. You’ve been to Marbella before, so you’ve checked the five-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants off your to-do list. But have you really experienced it like a local? Enjoying the best in Spain is about digging deeper, making connections and experiencing luxury from a new perspective.

To live Marbella like a local you need to skip the hotel, and make a private villa with pool and ocean view your base for the next few days. Just imagine what this will be like: when you arrive at your new home away from home, you’ll find the refrigerator stocked with all your favourites, the champagne chilled, and your butler awaiting your every request. Dinner, prepared by your personal chef, will be served on the terrace overlooking the sea, and then it’s early to bed as tomorrow is a big day.

Cibeles Fountain Madrid

Walk Madrid Fountain to Fountain

Madrid is filled with beautiful fountains. A great way to enjoy a sunny day is walking from fountain to fountain across the city. This tour will take you down Paseo de Castellana passing Cibeles, Neptuno, and Atocha then across town to the Madrid Rio stopping in a few places off the beaten path in Madrid.…

Easter Procession : Semana Santa In Madrid

Semana Santa in Madrid is an spectacular event with a lot of processions through the streets. Easter week in Spain is always a bit surprising for those of us not originally from here.  I happened to catch one of the “Semana Santa” processions here in Madrid right in front of the Royal Palace.  This one…

Creating a Travel Concierge in Spain

Best In Spain is born out of my passion for travel, my ability to navigate the cultural landscape, and the desire to share great experiences of Spain with other travellers. I created it so that you can find the authentic and wonderful experiences it’s taken me years to discover whether you’re on weekend break, two-week vacation, or six month business secondment.

Photos from Patones

Not more than 50km from Madrid is a small village, completely made of slate, that had been hidden away for hundreds of years.  After having been abandoned for years the village was rebuilt in the original style in the last two decades it makes for a great afternoon outside of Madrid.  There a several great…

Best In Spain Toledo Spain

Day Trip To Toledo

I was fortunate enough to have two great friends come to visit this past weekend in Madrid.  Having friends visit is always a great excuse to be a total tourist for a few days and go on a day trip to Toledo.  Sometimes living abroad one can forget to do all the fun travel stuff,…